Duck Life 1

    Duck Life 2: A New Champion is Born

  • Ever wonder what goes on in feathery little duckling noggins? If Duck Life 2 is any indication, they yearn to become the World Champion - or at least wear the crown of one.

    As its trainer, your job is to get the quacker fit enough to win against other World Champion wannabees. You go through four different training regimens in order to increase your duckling's level in those categories. Improving the Running stat will help make your ducklete speedier on flat ground. Flying helps give your duckling a speedy glide off cliff obstacles.


  • Cursed Dungeon

  • As vague as that may sound, such is the game of Cursed Dungeon.

    This simulation RPG places you in control of an adventurer, one who has just finished a quest and is now cursed. To remove his curse, he must venture forth on a new adventure, conquer a very dangerous dungeon and get the cure before the curse overwhelms him -hence the "Curse" and "Dungeon" in the title.