Traffic Slam 3

It's a difficult task to sum up the level of anger felt when other people are driving badly, but it doesn't take many words to describe the pleasure of actually being able to do something about it. Traffic Slam 3 is the third this series of driving games where destruction is your main priority and the Highway Code is all but thrown out of the window, reversed over, and then struck by lightning. Running on the Unity 3D engine, Traffic Slam 3 brings you the much-loved fun of its predecessors only with some eye-pleasing graphics and a level of manoeuvrability not seen before in the series.

Traffic Slam 3

All Grown Up

I haven't driven a car for a few years now. This is mainly because of the financial constraints that owning a car would impose upon me, but there is a little part of my brain that knows for a fact that I don't currently drive because I simply despise other peoples' driving, regardless of how competent it may be. Taking to the roads somehow makes everyone an expert on driving, and I have no logical explanation for my rage towards other drivers that are driving perfectly well, I just know that they are simply not as good at driving as me and it takes all of my power not to let the rage flow like a massive volcanic eruption in Iceland that forces flight cancellations across Europe.

Discovering the Traffic Slam series was quite literally stumbling upon a way to legally and (relatively) harmlessly vent my driving frustrations, by driving a car with reckless abandon of all existing driving rules and regulations and blowing it the hell up. Traffic Slam 3 marks a milestone for the series since not only does this title a trilogy make, it also sees the leap to the 3D capabilities of the Unity 3D engine. Our little Traffic Slam is all grown up, so how is it doing in the adult world of gaming (not to be confused with the adult gaming world)?

Appetite for Destruction

Gameplay in Traffic Slam 3 is as solid as ever and follows a pretty much identical procedure as its predecessor, with the goal being simply to cause as much destruction as you possibly can by driving your car as recklessly as possible around the highway and the surrounding area. Your car is rigged with a bomb set to detonate by default after 30 seconds, though you can trigger it sooner by pressing the Spacebar. To cause as much destruction as possible, you must drive around collecting coins, smashing into other cars, collecting a variety of power-ups and remote detonation items, and generally causing as much damage and destruction to the surrounding environment as possible.

Completing the objectives set at the beginning of each round allows you to collect stars that lead to levelling up as you progress in the game. At the end of each run you are scored by how many cars, objects, and buildings you destroyed as well as which power-ups you managed to pick up. As far as crash games go, this one is pretty damned destructive in the most entertaining of ways.

Traffic Slam 3

Upgrade Hunger

To make things more interesting in the long run, developer Xform Games have of course included a huge variety of upgrades this time around to augment the action and make the fun last considerably longer than it would in their absence. Accessing the shop allows you to spend your heard-earned (or easily-collected) cash on different vehicles such as a school bus or a tank at level 8, style upgrades, gadgets, and various improvements to your car's function. Once you have enough money, you can afford to purchase things like extra dynamite blasts, nitro for your car, and even a plane to cause as much destruction as is possible.

Slam Dunk

Traffic Slam 3 is undoubtedly the best game of the series so far, and not just because of the improved 3D graphics made possible by use of the Unity3D engine. The game has plenty of upgrades for you to spend your time unlocking, but it is careful not to let the process of collecting cash for the upgrades become too much of a grind. Levelling up happens at a perfect pace that is slow enough to challenge you but fast-moving enough to allow you to make progress and unlock more brilliant upgrades to keep things interesting. As perhaps the best car crash game I've ever played, Traffic Slam 3 deserves adoration from all that play it and perhaps Traffic Slam 4 can top the online play charts for car games should it be made, and only partially because of the cheeky play on words displayed in its title.