Domokun Angry Smashfest

Domokun Angry Smashfest: The brown fluffy nutter is on the rampage

Ahhh, another game from Newgrounds. At once my expectations are high since my experience with Newgrounds in general has been positive and often filled with laughs, chuckles, chortles and carefully-crafted entertainment in general. Domokun Angry Smashfest is an experience that is quite difficult to describe in any one language without the use of visual aid, a thesaurus, and various diagrams to indicate just how ridiculous the game is.

Domokun Angry Smashfest

Firstly, you're greeted with opening music so epic that you would be forgiven for thinking that you're about to be in charge of preparing a country to go to a war that is to be fought exclusive in slow motion to the backing of an orchestra and accompanying choir. This is only the beginning of the face-melting peculiarity of the game, however.

A mere few seconds into the opening cut-scene was when my brain started to feel a little upset at what is was bearing witness to. Specifically, Im referring to manner in which the power puff girls are casually woven into the storyline, and the fact that Domo Kun is the official real-life mascot of a Japanese television station. After learning the latter fact, things started to make sense. Compared to the majority of Japanese TV shows which I have seen, which Im proud to say is very few, this game is a tame, domesticated version of the visual chaos that is often involved. This does not mean that the game is any easier to play, however. I wouldnt want to infer that it is safe or accessible in demeanor and end up being responsible for the resulting brain damage caused by the sheer confusion this game brings on. The game is so distressing to your retina that you feel as if you arent playing at all, and are instead suffering from an acute and very, very serious audio/visual disorder that a trip to Specsavers isnt going to cure.

I must admit, that after getting over the initial visual and audio shock, I was actually quite entertained. Its essentially a game that requires no more user input than the four movement keys and an attack key. The game is no more than a progression through various random levels involving an enemy to both attack and avoid until said enemy perishes and the next challenge awaits. I feel it is always better for a game to side on the simple side of the figurative complexity scale rather than tipping towards the unnecessarily complicated, because when its a flash game youre playing, convolution is not high on the shopping list of characteristics I look for. Instead, I want a big helping of buy one get one free simplicity; this game at very least offers more of this than you can fit in your shopping basket, or pockets if thats how you choose to live your life.

Domokun Angry Smashfest

Still, simplicity alone is not enough to carry a game to the finish line, and Domukun's Angry Smashfest while not necessarily falling at the first hurdle, tends to falter at various points, occasionally coming close to crashing spectacularly into the remaining 9, but somehow reaching the finish line with no more than a few minor injuries and a bit of a sore head. While this game has nothing to do with the actual track and field event of the 110m hurdles, you may notice that Ive gone and used it as a metaphor for highlighting the tendency of the game to feel a little thin in places with its repetitive and frustrating fight sequences. And yet it still manages to provide me with some (extremely) alternative entertainment and challenging gameplay.

I understand that the visual outrageousness of the game is a deliberate stylistic choice made by the creators in order to portray the stereotype of the visually-distressing enemy of logic that is your typical Japanese TV program. You play as Domuken as mentioned above and you face the Powerpuff Girls: this is about as far from actual reality as you can hope for without suffering a psychotic break (though I did come close when playing this game).

I dont often like being as far from reality as this game is, but I find myself warming to the deliberately unrelenting visual chaos as my brain begins to operate on the same wavelength, with its dial turned comfortably up to near Carrie Fisher levels of mania. Newgrounds certainly have a wealth of titles to offer, Some more entertaining and more traditional than this, but Domukun's Angry Smashfest certainly edges ahead in the crazy race to the finish line. First prize: Full neurological meltdown.