Escape From The Ladies Room

Find Hidden Messages in Escape from the Ladies Room

Escape from the Ladies Room is a lengthy escape game that will test both your wits and, at times, your patience. For some reason, you are trapped in the ladies room. The exit door has an odd panel which is attached by screws, one mirror has odd scribbles on it and, thankfully, there is still some toilet paper left in one of the stalls. You know, just in case. How do you escape? True to the genre, the premise is simple: use anything and everything found in the ladies room to unlock the door and get out.

Escape From The Ladies Room

In terms of game length, this title may be completed in about 40 minutes if it is your first time through or in less than 5 for a speed run. Not every item you find is essential for your escape. There are some which simply help reveal clues or even just be something to fill in that empty inventory slot. With so many items available at once, it can be confusing which one to use first --and that is where the patience part comes in. Because not every item is portrayed, even used, logically, there will be some guesswork involved in the process. There are even times when clicking on an object does nothing, only to come back to it, click it again, and finally receive the proper response. That being said, this may not be for those who are looking for their first room escape title.

The graphics for Escape from the Ladies Room are not terrible, though it is a bit rough around the edges. Basically you can easily identify which items are which but there is nothing stylized about the game's cartoony artwork. There are even times when the scene just doesn't make sense. Like for instance, the lack of a visible crease on a piece of paper with something behind it (hint, hint). We also dislike the fact that the message bar is permanently displayed in the middle of the screen. This makes it a bit awkward to press the directional button below. Another thing we dislike is the fact that the item menu is larger than it should be. This means that combined with the message bar, it covers half of the screen.

Escape From The Ladies Room

Now the audio on the other hand is poorly made. There are some sound clips that have the tendency to grate on the ears because they are not equalized. So word of advice, if you happen to be wearing headphones, you may want to crank the volume down a notch.


While Escape the Ladies Room is by no means the best escape game produced by Afro Ninja to recommend to new players, veterans may appreciate the game's length and the games playability value is typical of a developer who has created other catchy b. The delivery is rough so expect a few confusing puzzles, but given some time they are possible to solve. If you can get past its rough elements, Escape from the Ladies Room may just be that next challenge you are looking for.