Fancy Pants Adventure World 2

The mere title brings a smile to my face and that is what I love about this fun game. The main man is back again in a sequel that is every bit as good as the first game if not better. His pants are back again too in this brilliant, speedy flash platform game that takes hold of your imagination and runs with it to places that will amaze you.

Fancy Pants Adventure World 2

The story is really amusing as Fancy Pants appears to be on a type of golf course with a pencil as his club plus a snail shell as the ball. He must aim for the hole that says pants on it. When he pots the ball the mayor of the town appears with an ice cream that he gives to Fancy. Suddenly a rabbit appears and steals the ice cream. Fancy has to enter the hole to go after the rabbit to win back his ice cream.

This character is a little like Sonic but his acrobatic talent is superb. He runs, jumps and rolls with great ability while meeting all kinds of obstacles or characters along the way. For instance when you come across a huge spider just bounce on his head to despatch him the same goes for the snails or just barge right into them it has the same effect. You may even come across a gun toting mouse its great fun.

The best of all is Fancy Pants himself. His motto in life is “Be Fancy” it's hilarious! Our man just can't keep still its like he has ants in his pants or maybe he is just a born hyperactive, who knows, all I can say is that he is fantastic. The acrobatics he performs are great. He can run up walls with ease, jump over mountain tops, somersault over everything in sight no object is too big or small. The game is packed with humour plus pure entertainment value is second to none.

Visually Fancy Pants is simply a spiky haired stick man wearing baggy coloured pants who hails from Squiggleville but don’t let that put you off as there is more to this character than meets the eye. As he runs along you will notices scribbles in the air, collect a hundred of these and you will gain an extra life. There are also trophies to be won while one of the the excellent Boss fights is against the angry rabbit who stole Fancy Pants ice cream.

Fancy Pants Adventure World 2

Fancy Pants has some great locations to perform in too but controlling Fancy plus how he moves along is up to you. You always have time to unlock a few secrets or see off a wriggly insect. Discovery brings rewards while achieving your fastest time gives a great feeling of accomplishment. Finding unlockables is another feature that enables you to customize your character with new hats, pants or weapons, adding to the fun.


The whole Fancy Pants idea is really endearing plus a lot of fun. I love the simple graphics that are colourful but very detailed in parts. Fans will be very pleased with this follow up as it has all the hallmarks of the first game but with plenty of added features to satisfy even the most critical of players. I love Mr Fancy Pants Man and Fancy Pants Adventure World 2 is a sheer joy to behold.