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Surprisingly Fun Cooking Games for Desktops

Considering the extent to which most people loathe the act of having to cook their own food, there is a massive quantity of cooking games - which simulate the apparently laborious act of cooking - available on the internet. As is the case with any genre of games however, you will find that there are some cooking games that are simply better than others, and with so many to choose from, it's difficult to know exactly where to start looking. With so many different styles of cooking game such as time management, simulation, restaurant, and skill-based games out there as well, it can start to sound like doing some actual cooking would probably be the lesser evil. This isn't the case if you take a look at some of the best cooking games out there however, a number of which you will find in this brief rundown of the some of the best cooking games out there on the internet.

Starting with what is undoubtedly the most popular cooking game franchise out there, you've got Papa Louie and "his" series of Papa's Games from Flipline Studios. Mimicking the ubiquitous nature of real-life fast-food franchises such as McDonalds and Burger King, the Papa's series of games consist of different takes on a fast-food eatery, ranging from Papa's Freezeria to Papa's Burgerie, Wingeria, Pancakeria, and more recently, Papa's Pasteria. All of these games have one thing in common, which is their blend of time management and skill in preparing the various foods on offer, all brought together with a thin slice of upgrades and achievements. Not all Papa's games are created equal however, a truth reflected in the fact that some games in the series have garnered tens of thousands of views (such as the Hotdoggeria game) whilst others have attracted millions.

Probably the most popular game in the series, Papa's Pizzeria is an exemplary reflection of what the Papa's series has to offer. During the game you are tasked with running Papa's Pizzeria and are given the responsibility of taking customer's orders, preparing them in the kitchen in a multi-step process, and then presenting them to the customer to be judged on your performance. The overarching genre here is of time management, which shines through in the general process of taking multiple orders, prioritising them according to importance/difficulty, preparing them, and then serving them to customers for judgement and reward. The skills element comes in when having to use the various stations to prepare the pizza including the topping, baking, and cutting stations, each of which require slightly different skills such as cutting the pizza evenly, applying the correct toppings, and baking the pizza for the correct length of time. Upgrades to your stations are also available in order to make the process easier and to allow you to take on more difficult customers in greater number.

Cooking Games

Each of the Papa's games share this kind of format, with differences to the individual skills required to prepare the different kinds of foods, almost like mini-games with slightly different requirements each time, and all under the pressure of preparing orders on time and with as much accuracy as you possibly can. Papa's Pastaria is the newest game in the franchise, and as such is more refined than many of the games in the series. The processes of cooking the pasta to the customer's specifications at the cooking station, arranging them on the build station, and toasting the garlic bread on the bread station are smoother than ever. One station moves smoothly to the next and the ability to juggle multiple orders at once whilst flipping back and forth with ease is better than ever. The upgrades on offer such as decoration for the restaurant to improve scores and various cooking gadgets are also great touches that feel more useful than ever.

If it isn't time-management/skill games you're looking for, then it may interest you to also check out the Sara's Cooking Games range of games from Girls Go Games. While these games still require that you assemble recipes in the prescribed order with the pre-existing ingredients, these games are in a more instructional format intended to carry over to real-life cooking situations. Essentially, they are virtual, interactive recipes with an element of fun thrown in. There is a huge variety of games in this series from regular recipes like Berry Cheese Cake to Halloween and Christmas recipes, allowing you to use only your mouse to prepare, assemble, bake, cook, and generally have a fun time whilst actually cooking through an actual recipe that you could use in your own kitchen. If it is instructional fun and real-life application you're looking for, the Saras Cooking Games are the best choice.