Jojo's Fashion Show: World Tour

Have you always dreamt of being the center of attention on the red carpet or having your name splashed in all the fashion magazines around the globe as a top designer? Well now is your opportunity so grab it while you can! Make your statement in the world of glitz and glamour as you design your own brand of clothing and send your models out to sport your latest trends as all fashion lovers around the world eagerly await this moment.

Jojo's Fashion Show: World Tour

This game will allow you the independence of expression, the thrill of the moment - all of this within your own comforts and no pressures! It is simply fun filled all the way. Jojo's Fashion Show – World Tour, is a great game that will keep you intrigued for hours and even days. As you jet set around the world, showing off you latest fashion designs. Your models will strut down the runway, where they will be judged and eagerly awaited by both the audience and paparazzi.

As you proceed through the game, you will encounter 10 Fashion shows in 10 different countries around the world. The various countries are as follows:

  • Amsterdam
  • London
  • Barcelona
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Los Angles
  • Jakarta
  • Rio de Janeiro

Within each country that you visit to expose your designs and creativity, you will also encounter 10 stages within the various countries. You will need to pass each stage with a 3 star rated show in order for you to proceed to the next stage and ultimately the next country. However aim high as a 5 star rated show is the highest you are able to score, so settle for nothing less. The stars may be achieved for numerous looks you assemble, as well as sending out the models together. This is known as a style chain and bonus points are scored for accomplishing this. It is a test of both your knowledge of fashion as well as your ability to think quickly and use your creativity.

As you progress through the stages you will begin learning about the various styles you will be working with throughout the game. There are a total of 31 styles which extend across all the stages. However do not be alarmed as they all clearly explained to you and therefore is not as challenging as it may seem. This will however broaden your fashion knowledge and allow you to dress your models to the best of your abilities according to the required styles. It is important to take note of each style, as this will indeed help you to score the highest possible score and achieve the required rating.

The numerous fashion styles range from Kimono Krazy to Urban Rasta to Sophisticate Bride, Opera, New York Street and Flamenco, among many others. There is no doubt that this game has something for everyone. Regardless of your style or personality, it will allow you to let your hair and explore styles you may have never before considered. Upon completing each stage, you will be given limited feedback, which you are to use when assembling your next outfit. It is therefore up to you to decide whether to take the feedback or merely listen to your own fashion instinct.

The game consists of both male and female models thus allowing you to use more creativity and allows you to explore fashion design with regard to the opposite sex. Your models will also have different skin tones, hair styles and colors, eye color as well as facial features. This therefore allows you to maximize your look. The game consists of added bonuses called ‘power ups'. These may be won for your overall look as well as the use of accessories.

As you progress through the game and begin to improve, you will be faced with a time challenge. You will need to dress you models according to their required style, while abiding by a time constraint. You will need to get your models ready and send them down the runway, before you time runs out and you embarrass booth yourself and your model but sending them out in nothing but their under gametes. However, this is nothing to fear as you would have been well informed about the various styles and this will be merely another task for you. It is however a true test of your knowledge and if you are able to succeed at this, then there is no doubt that you have mastered the art of fashion.

Jojo's Fashion Show: World Tour

The game has a pause function, located at the top right hand corner of your screen, which allows you to leave the game and return to the same place at a later stage. This allows you the freedom to come and go from the game as you please and does not restrict you to a period of time in order to complete the game.


 Jojo's Fashion Show World Tour will keep you enthralled for hours, days and weeks as you captivate the imagination of your audience with your individual flare while challenging new heights. The game like Fashion Designer New York allows you a wide choice of style therefore allowing you the freedom to set new trends as you sport your models down the catwalks of the fashion capitals around the world. Immerse yourself in the world of fun and entertainment while basking in the spotlight and proving that you are the one to beat! Go ahead – indulge yourself as this game was designed for you.