Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution

There may be quite a few far-fetched games out there, but none quite as out-there and head-turning as the Robot Unicorn Attack series. The title itself is something that has the ability to raise eyebrows since associating a robot with a unicorn or vice-versa isn't something that occurs every day, if at all in the minds of most regular people; it's a good job t hat the series is one of the best of its kind on the whole of the internet, then. Though the series has had a few titles, it is Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution which stands out the most for many because of its offering of a new gameplay dimension: rewarding progress through evolving into different animals. Though the original was a fairly simple endless running-style game (albeit with a unique design and concept of the details), Evolution takes the series to another level in terms of depth and reward for your progress, and also makes you wonder how you ever enjoyed an endless running game that didn't have a robot unicorn as its central character.

Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution

Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution's gameplay isn't dissimilar to any other endless running game that you may have played, though is a little different in style and approach than popular running games like the Unity 3D-powered Running Fred. You are given three lives (or as they are called in this game, 'wishes') with which you must try and run as far as possible across rapidly-changing terrain with frequent drops, pitfalls, obstacles, and items to collect along the way. The further you manage to make it, the more points you get, and- this is where the game differs from many endless running games as well as its predecessors - the more animals you will evolve into. We're not talking evolution on a Darwin-like scale either: this is instantaneous evolution into the next animal in the chain, of which there are many depending on how far you manage to make it without smashing into the scenery or falling to your death .

The many evolutions you get to go through are the main attraction of this game, aside from its fairly silly style and eccentric nature. You'll evolve into various animals like a panda, wolf, rhino, gorilla, and dragon (not necessarily in that order) along the way, with each animal having their own unique scenery for you (and presumably them) to enjoy as well such as a jungle for the panda and equally appropriate surroundings foe the gorilla, wolf, and dragon (the fieriest of all). It isn't all simply evolving endlessly however, since you've got some pretty tricky challenges ahead of you. As well as collecting butterflies on your way you will be required to smash through star-shaped obstacles using the X key to perform a super-charge.

You can also jump and double-jump by pressing the Z key one or twice respectively, You'll need the double jump in order to traverse some of the larger gaps in the terrain you will encounter. It may sound and feel simple at first, but as the scenery becomes more complex it becomes very difficult to not smash into things and the importance of anticipating up and coming obstacles becomes paramount.

Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution

The official Robot Unicorn Attack Adult Swim page describes the game as "twitchy", and this is quite an accurate summation of how you will feel as you venture deeper into the terrain. This being an endless running game however, you can keep going until you finally succumb to a loss of concentration however. To make up for the hectic nature of the running, you are also able to publish your aggregate score from three total runs so that you can brag about them, or be embarrassed if you aren't particularly proud of your performance.


In terms of the design and graphics of the game, you're not going to find many others with such a notable concept and collection of artwork. The unicorn is as robotic and colourful as ever, as are the various sceneries that you will come across; the music is as always fantastic as well, specifically Erasure's Always playing repeatedly as you embark on your journey. And that pretty much typifies the entire series, which Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution tops off quite nicely as the most enjoyable title within that series to date. If you find yourself playing this one to death however, don't forget that there is a Heavy Metal version to try out, as well as the original Robot Unicorn Attack, which is where this entire series started its eccentric life on the internet.